Glass artist Jerry L. Hirschmann (right) and sculptor Michael Paul Thiry (left) have collaborated on a new adventure.  Combining the artistic skills of each artist,  Jerry and Michael have created beautiful blown glass and stainless steel sculptures which are glorious, colorful pieces of art with a hidden functionality.

Flowers, plants, bouquets and garden art are the final product.  The sculptures serve not only as beautiful center pieces, but also serve as practical and beautiful serving dishes. Art and functionality married as one.  Partners in Art.

Jerry Hirschmann and Mike Thiry both started their careers as artists in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the early 90’s. Jerry studied glass art at the Chicago Institute of Art summer camp, Corning Studio of Glass and practiced his art at the Fiasco Glass Studio in Glenn Michigan under the guidance of glass artists Jerry and Kathy Catania.

Michael studied sculpture and metal work in the stacks of the library at the University of Wisconsin and gained welding skills as self taught.  His metals are all acquired from a metal recycling center in Milwaukee.

Their work is represented in collections around the country and the world. Having returned to Milwaukee from the California Desert in 2014, both Michael and Jerry have re-established themselves as local artists with a real passion for their creations, and their community.

The inspiration for this new venture is driven by the beauty, colors and shapes of plants, flowers and leaves.  Each art object is unique and can never be exactly replicated.  Large flower sculptures can be as tall as 9 feet.  Bouquets can range from 18 inches to 40 inches in height. The price range varies from  $700 to $15,000.

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